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London for Wine Lovers

Gordon's Wine Bar - creative commonsI am a self-confessed wine snob, slave to the humble grape, worshipper of the vine. Yes, I can knock back a cheap party plonk like the best of them, but probably one of my favourite things to do in the Big Smoke is curl up in the corner of a cosy wine bar, slurp my way through exquisite tipples and people watch. Here are the first in a series of my preferred London spots for combining both these activities – excellent wine drinking, and the not-so-subtle observation of the human condition… Continue reading


Kavaklidere Çankaya – Turkish Wine from Anatolia

Cankaya - KavaklidereI came across this wine at Sofra Turkish restaurant on St. Christopher’s Place (there are several other branches of Sofra in Mayfair and Covent Garden) – a delicious and great value for money eatery with a menu focused on colourful fresh vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, nuts and spices and the flavours of the Eastern Med – in the spirit of it’s renowned Turkish owner Hüseyin Özer. Continue reading

Chix & Buck Wine Parlour – Brixton

Chix & Buck BrixtonA relatively new and very welcome addition to Brixton’s bustling Atlantic Road is Chix & Buck’s Wine Parlour. Run by a charming duo who also manage Chix & Buck’s niche wine importing and distribution business, The Wine Parlour is both a shop, a tasting room and an “Enoteca-style” hangout open every day except Tuesdays. Continue reading

Hotel du Vin, Cambridge. Shmokin’

Shmokin' (and Freezin'!)

There are a few lessons I need to learn in life. One of them is that I don’t like cigars, a fact that I seem to forget EVERY time I drink single malt whisky. I get carried away by the peaty booziness and convince myself I am really in a dusty Havana club, then light up a bad boy. Then I cough up a lung and the illusion dissipates faster than a fart in a wind tunnel.

Hotel du Vin in Cambridge is so damn comfortable, cosy and indulgent we barely actually saw any of Cambridge at all, remaining ensconced within the hotel walls. A cigar bothy in the back garden proved a haven of such deliciousness that I once again fell prey to Cohiba-shaped crime. I could have swum laps in the bathtub, moulded into the bed and I finally learnt to use a Nespresso! Continue reading

Domaine les Aphillanthes at La Trouvaille, Soho

I took a few folk from the Rendez-Vous Francais de Londres to a wine-tasting at my favourite Frenchy hangout in central London, La Trouvaille… This particular wine-club evening was themed on biodynamic wines from the Côtes du Rhône, showcasing specifically a selection from a small domaine by the name of Les Aphillanthes, run by husband and wife duo Daniel and Helène Boulle who got into biodynamic viticulture after discovering that their son suffered strong allergies which this kind of vine growing could prevent.

Continue reading

Wining in London – the new Social Network

I moved to London 6 months ago after a 5 year absence swanning around Italy (swanning purposefully I might add) and then basking in the Surrey countryside. London is a scary city if you don’t know many people. For all its 8 million or so inhabitants and frenetic life pace, its damned hard to actually meet people. Facebook, twitter, etc. are all brilliant for following what your ex roommate in New Jersey is doing on her holidays, or knowing what so-and-so you were in Math class with is eating for lunch, but really, how social is it? Not a great deal. I didn’t see my nightlife getting any more glamorous thanks to a status update. Continue reading

Bottoms Up: Where is the Itinerant Epicure?

This month I can mostly be spotted at the following wine events… Continue reading