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Brixton Eating – Boqueria Tapas

Boqueria-RestaurantHalfway down Acre Lane, two doors down from an Afro hairdresser-cum-newsagent-cum Christmas tree store, is Boqueria Tapas, the self-proclaimed “most exciting Tapas bar in London”…Now I’m not sure about the earth-shattering excitement – on an excitement Richter scale where 1 is paint drying and 10 is the Second Coming Boqueria is a comfortable 5 – but the food is definitely a teaser for the tastebuds. Continue reading


Brixton Eating – Seven @ Brixton

A toast to the tapas!

The Market Row end of Brixton Village is HOT right now, with more nooks and crannies morphing into delicious eateries than my poor brain can handle. The hotly anticipated opening of Wishbone (from the team that brought us Meatliquor!) is coming soon, but in the meantime the crowds are packing out Bukowski’s Charcoal Grill, Mexican hot spot Casa Morita and this: Seven @ Brixton, a two-storied, eye-poppingly coloured tapas bar and cocktail den boasting vintage jumble-sale Spanish decor and a hipster clientele. Continue reading