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Cervejaria Ramiro – Lisbon, Portugal


Get crabs in Lisbon. Yep – it’s an oldie but a goodie!

On a recent 48-hour jaunt to a wedding in Lisbon, I was finally able to indulge in the sheer joy of visiting a seafood zenith made (slightly more) famous by the notorious Anthony Bourdain, my kind of Chef. Cervejaria Ramiro – thronging with well to do Lisbonites on 3-hour, proper lunch breaks – is a place where Lobster is king, his minions are prawns the length of a small baby and angels are oysters and spider crabs stacked to the ceiling. Continue reading


Bem Bom – Rodizio and Picanha near Vilamoura, Portugal

Maminha - "grilled booby!"

Maminha – “grilled booby!”

I am lucky enough to have an other half of Portuguese-South African descent. He also happens to be a hardcore foodie like myself, which inevitably means a dark and sticky end as the poster-couple on a freaky Panorama  docu-tragedy on “feeders”. Every once in a while we jaunt off to Portugal – Quarteira to be exact, in the Algarve – to be fattened up by his mother and make offerings to the Gods of boozy, gluttonous holidays at Bem Bom. Meaning “Very Good” (tongue-in-cheek understatement?) Bem Bom is a family-run rodizio and picanha restaurant doubling as a gushingly saliva-inducing Barbarian temple to skewered meats. Continue reading