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A Torre – Portuguese Restaurant in Crystal Palace

Espetada a Porto

Espetada a Porto

In the dead of winter, when the wind and rain lashes at your face like so many serrated knives and you immediately ditch all tentative plans to become a running/kick-boxing/Yoga-loving beach body babe that your brandy-fuggled mind thought was a good idea on New Year’s Eve, your mind veers straight to holidays. Balmy summers, cold beers, and in our case – usually – a trip to Portugal’s Algarve coast, where the other half’s amazing cook Mother resides. Continue reading


Bem Bom – Rodizio and Picanha near Vilamoura, Portugal

Maminha - "grilled booby!"

Maminha – “grilled booby!”

I am lucky enough to have an other half of Portuguese-South African descent. He also happens to be a hardcore foodie like myself, which inevitably means a dark and sticky end as the poster-couple on a freaky PanoramaΒ  docu-tragedy on “feeders”. Every once in a while we jaunt off to Portugal – Quarteira to be exact, in the Algarve – to be fattened up by his mother and make offerings to the Gods of boozy, gluttonous holidays at Bem Bom. Meaning “Very Good” (tongue-in-cheek understatement?) Bem Bom is a family-run rodizio and picanha restaurant doubling as a gushingly saliva-inducing Barbarian temple to skewered meats. Continue reading