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A Taste of Mauritius With Shanti Maurice

Let's Dance!

In this grey and wistful time of year, with England enjoying the average annual rainfall of a small tropical country on a daily basis, what we need is a bit of brightness, sunshine and good living. What better then than an evening in the company of the delightful Shanti Maurice team, their colourful dancing girls, exquisite Mauritian cuisine, rhum-laced cocktails and pampering? The invitation was like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise gloomy month and we huddled into Moti Mahal, one of my favourite Indian restaurants in London, to enjoy a night hosted by Shanti – a boutique lifestyle resort in the virtually untouched “Soma” South of Mauritius. Continue reading


The Moti Mahal Motivational

Even the rice whipped the pants off any other Indian I've ever eaten in.

There’s not much one can answer to a colleague you don’t know so well when the first thing they utter upon picking up the “surprise” keyring from the office party Christmas cracker is “ooh, that’s an odd looking cock ring.” But then merriment and jokes bordering on the inappropriate being de rigueur at these functions, one can only answer with a large guffaw and then encourage said person to keep going. Which was apparently my solution. Continue reading