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Garlic-fest Hummus

I love garlic. Almost as much as cheese, in fact. Garlic makes the world taste better, it wards off vampires and it is good for your heart. What more do you want???Β Plus, with garlic, you don’t need to worry about kissing your French boyfriend/girlfriend as it’s more than likely he/she loves the stuff too. Continue reading


Tabbouleh – Moroccan Bulgar Wheat Salad

An old post form when I was on my “special diet” back in April 2010: Day two of the new diet, I suddenly realise I can eat Tabbouleh, something I could gorge on until kingdom come and a perfect spring dish full of zest and fresh flavours! Based on bulgar wheat and parsley, the ideal proportions are 2 parts parsley to one part bulgar, but I need sustenance and am eating this as a main dish, so I’ve upped the quantity of bulgar wheat somewhat. You can play around and see which you prefer! Continue reading