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Mince Pies 2011. Suet and Butter and All that Jazz.

Brandy! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas peoples! It’s that festive time of year again when Ole Frankie Sinatra gets wheeled out singing Jingle Bells, I wee my pants at the sight of Christmas lights and see every evening as an excuse to pop a cork. As per tradition, I have made my first batch of Mince Pies 2011 and contrary to previous years I am saying “meh!” to vegetarians and pork-sensitive types the world over and stuffing my pies with suet – just because I can. Continue reading


Mince Pies 2010 – fat free

apple and walnut mince pies 2010

It’s my favourite time of year again, there’s a fattened goose in the fridge, oysters and gravadlax, smoked mackerel pate, salmon and blinis, champagne and a cheeseboard to die for… And of course mince pies! As you know I make my mince without fat or butter, perfect for vegetarians. I stoop to a teaspoon of marge if my binding doesn’t quite work out, but you’ll find it really not essential! Continue reading