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Udon know what your missing ’til you eat at Koya

Every blogger, his wife and their three children has written about Koya – all glowing praise and with the kind of prose reserved for edwardian love letters that make broad-bosomed women swoon.And on that note I have little to add to such fantastic reviews such as the ones from TomEatsJenCooks orLizzieEatsLondon but like them, I went for the full on Udon shebang and was rewarded in so many stomach-satisfying ways. Continue reading


Awana, Malaysian Satay Bar – Awana Get Outta Here!

“Oh Dear!” I thought as I opened the wine list and saw that the cheapest bottle in the “monthly promotions” was £27. Then I looked at the next page and my eyes spotted the £480 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Wow, I thought. This place must really be something to have a wine list where 80% of the bottles are over £50. Maybe I’m just out of touch since I eat in budget places like Polpo and Koya and have rarely seen a wine list of this calibre outside of an enoteca where the wine list is the size of a bible and caters for every budget or a truly exceptional restaurant of the Michelin variety. Continue reading