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Brixton Eating – Bukowski Grill

Soft, golden browned patty? – check. Oozing, Chicano pibil pulled pork strands, unctuously sweet, dripping with rich ancho chilli and Seville orange juiciness? – check. Fiery, yet delicate chilli chutney on the side? – check. Pickle (crowning glory of all things!) – double check. Continue reading


Jean Christophe Novelli meets The Itinerant Epicure

Yours truly chilling with “J.C”

Oui my little croissants, yesterday was spent in a glorious flurry of champagne-quaffing and celebrity chef hob-nobbing, whipping up a meat storm with cookery TV’s Mr. Handsome: Jean Christophe Novelli.

J.C, as we call him, (“we” being the 20-odd starry-eyed journalists swooning over cheddar cheese cubes) was at L’Atelier des Chefs being “the face” of a new campaign by Flora to promote healthy heart awareness in Britain. Continue reading