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Brixton Eating – Bukowski Grill

Soft, golden browned patty? – check. Oozing, Chicano pibil pulled pork strands, unctuously sweet, dripping with rich ancho chilli and Seville orange juiciness? – check. Fiery, yet delicate chilli chutney on the side? – check. Pickle (crowning glory of all things!) – double check. Continue reading


Bellantoni’s Fresh Pasta shop in Brixton Market

News from the newly revamped, renovated and rejuvenated Granville Arcade in Brixton, AKA Brixton Village. Left abandoned and dilapidated for the last ten years or so, a creative arts agency by the name of Space Makers took it over just before Christmas and invited artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, chefs, writers, cineasts and more to take over the empty stalls and transform them into usable spaces, thus reviving the back of the market with a series of pop-up shops, cafès, even a tiny cinema and street theatre, DJ booths and children’s reading clubs. Continue reading

Local, “open-sauced” foods at Cornercopia

Brixton Cornercopia is run by husband and wife Ian and Anne Fairbrother, a small cornershop, deli and cafe serving delicious simple food made from tasty seasonal ingredients at reasonable, recession-worthy prices.
Located in unit 65 of “Brixvill”, you’ll notice it from the pretty red and white tablecloth bedecked tables garnished with fresh flowers and fashioned out of upturned crates. Oh, and the constant buzz of people wanting to eat there… Continue reading