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Boozy in Boisdale’s with Glorious Glenlivet

A wee dram, or six...

I’ve been working in Belgravia for 6 months now and beginning to get really riled up at having to schlepp a mile in every direction to find a decent pub. Either that or I endure the insults and indignity of Balls Brothers and their vinegar-laden wine-list, foul staff and dubiously sticky chairs. I mean come on. Who’d drink in a pub called Balls? Continue reading


Moustache-less at The Botanist

The Botanist - Sitting proudly on Sloane Square

In case you’ve been on planet zog for the last month, you’ll know that this is “Movember” – up and down the country, teenagers with smelly socks disguised with Lynx have been trying desperately to grow a bit of chin fluff for charity, and older generations have relished the thought of finally finding out exactly how they’d look with a Hercule Poirot ‘tache. Everyone, that is, except Neil of superb whisky blog CaskStrength who in a defiant mood shaved OFF his legendary groomed moustachio and faced this chilly month with nary a protective bristle for his upper lip.

Which is how we met him at The Botanist – under the thin pretense of a press lunch, I was here to sample to goods and see if it lived up to the hype I had created for myself. Continue reading