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Unwined in Tooting – Wine Bar

IMG_20160511_215508Kiki reaches into the fridge and cracks open a curious bottle of Pinot Grigio. Except far from “grigio” this one is a gorgeous shade of pale, blush, apricot – a result of skin contact – and a taste of it reveals juicy, fruity notes and even a whiff of white peach. It is 10pm and although the Wine Wednesday pop-up tasting finished half an hour ago, the good folk of Tooting attending this casual foray into grapes and wine are in no hurry. In fact a solid hour of chin-wagging has begun as more bottles are opened and more stories told of grape journeys, grape discoveries and even the best wines to pair with Gogglebox or Eurovision. We are at Unwined in Tooting. Not your average wine bar. Continue reading


Padella – Borough Market

20160428_184239From the most excellent dudes and dudettes who brought you Trullo in Highbury & Islington comes London’s latest stupid-buzzy, Insta-meltdown, no-bookings sensation. Located on the edge of the main entrance to Borough Market, Padella – an understated white tile and marble pasta bar has a queue round the block, come rain or shine. Having opened in March, its “pici cacio e pepe” pasta looked like the month’s most Instagrammed food item – and where this kind of plate obsession normally has me bitching like a 2 year old whose ice-cream fell onto the pavement, I can see why. Continue reading

Brixton Eating – Bukowski Grill

Soft, golden browned patty? – check. Oozing, Chicano pibil pulled pork strands, unctuously sweet, dripping with rich ancho chilli and Seville orange juiciness? – check. Fiery, yet delicate chilli chutney on the side? – check. Pickle (crowning glory of all things!) – double check. Continue reading


Brixton Eating – Seven @ Brixton

A toast to the tapas!

The Market Row end of Brixton Village is HOT right now, with more nooks and crannies morphing into delicious eateries than my poor brain can handle. The hotly anticipated opening of Wishbone (from the team that brought us Meatliquor!) is coming soon, but in the meantime the crowds are packing out Bukowski’s Charcoal Grill, Mexican hot spot Casa Morita and this: Seven @ Brixton, a two-storied, eye-poppingly coloured tapas bar and cocktail den boasting vintage jumble-sale Spanish decor and a hipster clientele. Continue reading


NOM NOM NOM 2011 Challenge

Pepper up my nose…

Having kicked Blue-Tomato editor Ben Norum out of my flat at midnight the night before for the crimes and misdemeanours of knife-wielding and rotten banana-eating, I found myself 8 hours later, back in his company, hangover included, to put our skillz to the test for NOMNOMNOM 2011 – a bloggers cooking challenge in aid of Action Against Hunger.

With our usual last-minute, slapdash style, we had planned precisely nothing save for a bizarre menu concocted from randomness and haggis scrawled on the back of a napkin. Continue reading


Bellantoni’s Fresh Pasta shop in Brixton Market

News from the newly revamped, renovated and rejuvenated Granville Arcade in Brixton, AKA Brixton Village. Left abandoned and dilapidated for the last ten years or so, a creative arts agency by the name of Space Makers took it over just before Christmas and invited artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, chefs, writers, cineasts and more to take over the empty stalls and transform them into usable spaces, thus reviving the back of the market with a series of pop-up shops, cafès, even a tiny cinema and street theatre, DJ booths and children’s reading clubs. Continue reading


Broadway Market and London Fields Lido

I took a trip to London Fields this weekend, up Hackney way to explore the Broadway Market and get my fix of sunshine in the park there, which boasts one of the few heated lidos in London. Whilst strolling through the charmin market, with its preponderance of double bass-playing doo-wop buskers, I managed to pack away a Damascan felafel wrap with pickles and lemon tahini, a tangy seasonal veggie curry with cumin rice and a couple of portuguese custard tarts as well as some proper cloudy apple and rasberry juice from Chegworth Farm. Continue reading