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Wild Pigs in Amsterdam – Wilde Zwijnen


Credit – The All-Day Kitchen

The perks of working in the restaurant industry is that it’s often a free meal ticket. Then sometimes one meal comes along that blows the others into the water. The standout meal. The game changer.

This turn was for Wilde Zwijnen in Amsterdam. An unprepossessing, tucked away little gaff, cutesy in a Germanic hideaway sort of guise, covered in sprawling ivy and lit by fairy lights in the less-than-exciting neighbourhood of Amsterdam’s Eastern Docklands.

The premise is simple. Modern Dutch cuisine. Local produce. Young, exciting chefs not restrained by culinary tradition, revisiting pure flavours on the plate sourced from their own flatlands and soft sea waters. The interiors are as welcoming as an M&S Christmas advert. Which is apt given the time of year. Continue reading