Kavaklidere Çankaya – Turkish Wine from Anatolia

Cankaya - KavaklidereI came across this wine at Sofra Turkish restaurant on St. Christopher’s Place (there are several other branches of Sofra in Mayfair and Covent Garden) – a delicious and great value for money eatery with a menu focused on colourful fresh vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, nuts and spices and the flavours of the Eastern Med – in the spirit of it’s renowned Turkish owner Hüseyin Özer.

I know very little about Turkish wine, but this example, from the country’s first and biggest commercial producer Kavaklidere – based in Anatolia – suited the mezze selection perfectly. Bright, light pale yellow – this table wine was crisp, unoaked and citrusy with a clean, lemony finish that lingered in the mouth longer than I would have expected from a good value table wine. It complemented the yogurt-based dishes, broad bean and mint salads and rich, tomato-based dips with fava beans, walnuts and aubergines.

The wine is traditionally served very cold at 6-8 degrees, and is made from a blend of native grapes Emir, Narince and Sultana. I would certainly order this again. And as I would always recommend – although it sounds obvious – if there is a wine on the menu from the country from which the food you are eating originates – try it, it usually pays off massively!

Cankaya - Kavaklidere


One response to “Kavaklidere Çankaya – Turkish Wine from Anatolia

  1. Reblogged this on musicwineistanbul and commented:
    It’s actually very nice to see that sort of a comment about Turkish Wine. I also came to find out numerous times that even some table wines in Turkey can taste surprisingly better than an Appellation Bordeaux Controlee wine.

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