Brixton Eating, Crown and Anchor Pub

Big Boozer

Big Boozer

This pared down, simply elegant Brixton boozer is a haven of craft ale perfection. The Crown and Anchor lifts an otherwise drab, depressing stretch of road to the status of “must visit” and now boasts a well-deserved Time Out Eating & Drinking Award. 

Sunday lunchtime here began with us being the only guests on a miserable day. Where were the hordes, I thought? It’s 12 on the dot! Only a week after awards day and minutes form lunchtime I expected queues around the block. Clearly, I was forgetting about hangovers. Within an hour of sitting down to our first round of ales, the masses thundered in like the Guinness advert horses, craving hair of the dog – the ale pumps began chirping like singing kettles.

Three is the magic number!

Three is the magic number!

Crawling into cosy nooks and around vast tables, they were here to sample some of the 7 cask ales and 14 keg ciders and real ales, umpteen bottles of Belgian, Hungarian, German, American and what have you beers and British-brewed labels such as Camden Town, Redemption, Brodie’s and Bogart to name a few…

We got intimate with a paddle – no, not quite Fifty Shades – this was a crafty way of serving mini tasters of three different ales, for the fair old price of a pint. Alongside this delicious, proper pub snacks – full of flavour and savouriness – were filling, attractively served and just the right side of trendy. Arancini were golden and cripsy. Beer battered monkfish cheeks with saffron mayo were satisfyingly salty and moist. The German sausage platter did exactly what you wanted a German sausage to do and – well, I rarely turn down a decent cheeseboard.

Cheese, Gromit!

Cheese, Gromit!

Better still, there are well chosen beer and ale pairings for each dish – ones that really work and aren’t just  on the menu for the gimmick. We’ll be returning soon for the Sunday lunch…


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