Brixton Eating – Bukowski Grill

Soft, golden browned patty? – check. Oozing, Chicano pibil pulled pork strands, unctuously sweet, dripping with rich ancho chilli and Seville orange juiciness? – check. Fiery, yet delicate chilli chutney on the side? – check. Pickle (crowning glory of all things!) – double check.

Pulled Pork! Pull the other one!

We are at Bukowski Grill. God bless Meat.

Our new favourite, we have been known to hang here on a weekly basis over the last month, patiently awaiting our table in the hungry queue outside sipping on crisp, frozen margaritas and soaking up the smells from the Haitian voodoo candle and incense shop next door.

Side-splittin’ sides! Southern fried chicken livers and Tobacco onions…

Bukowski Grill – an import from hipster Shoreditch (but one we LOVE!) – is in the Market Row section of the market and does few things, but what it does it does so sublimely well you may feel an urge to batter your way across the rickety wood tables, flinging rib residues willy-nilly and plant a smacker on the charcoal-grill handling Chef crew.

The Fat Gringo. Me, in other words.

Ribs, come either as ruby red, jersey-butter soft beef slipping off the bone like silk, or crispy, Bourbon crunchy pork – served with an appley-fresh slaw with walnuts. Burgers are enormous and dribbling with meaty jus. This month features the Fat Gringo – but there’s a variety of choices, all packed into a thick bun and overflowing with toppings.

No small beer…

Last but not least the sides. Feather-soft chicken livers in super-crispy batter. Tobacco onions – wispy thin shreds of onion deep fried in a smokey, southern US coating that stick blissfully in your teeth. A good selection of bottled craft ales and bingo – take that GBK, you ain’t got nothin’ on these guys.


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