Brixton Eating – Seven @ Brixton

A toast to the tapas!

The Market Row end of Brixton Village is HOT right now, with more nooks and crannies morphing into delicious eateries than my poor brain can handle. The hotly anticipated opening of Wishbone (from the team that brought us Meatliquor!) is coming soon, but in the meantime the crowds are packing out Bukowski’s Charcoal Grill, Mexican hot spot Casa Morita and this: Seven @ Brixton, a two-storied, eye-poppingly coloured tapas bar and cocktail den boasting vintage jumble-sale Spanish decor and a hipster clientele.

Pintxo Mintxo!

We headed here for tapas the other night and whilst it didn’t quite live up to the kerayzee hype (can’t get a booking there for weeks…) that I blame entirely on current foodie column discoveries of our beloved market, the atmosphere is infectious, warm and friendly, the setting – total Brixtonia – and the quality of the base ingredients high.

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For £15 a head, we narfed a fair share of tapas, a glass of fino sherry each and a good bottle of robust Spanish plonk. Tasty dishes include: chorizo braised in red wine, garlicky gambas and chorizo, crostini topped with roasted peppers and chargrilled aubergines, cheese and charcuterie platters and a simple but very tasty choice of sherries by the glass.


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