Eating Out in SE19 – The Paxton Pub

Picture by Itinerant Epicure

Somewhere in between the monsoon, the hailstorms of Hades and the third Ice Age of 2012, there were a few minutes of sun. Thank heavens then that at that particular moment I happened to find myself in good company and minutes from The Paxton, Gipsy Hill.

Picture by Itinerant Epicure

For foodies who rarely venture further south than Brixtonia, The Paxton will earn its credibility from having hosted the Meatwagon on its premises just two weeks ago. For those residents of SE19, it is a firm favourite. It’s chilled enough for the 30-something, 1st child, still-want-to-drink-all-Sunday-but-with-my-kid-the papers -and-wife-in-tow crowd, but also boasting a big beer garden, restaurant area, and Sky sports.

Picture by Itinerant Epicure

Oh, and the food is nifty too. They serve excellent ales by Meantime Brewery in GReenwich, plus there’s a Riesling called “Kung Fu Girl” on the menu. Natch.

buttermilk fried chicken

chilli squid and chickpea salad

I recommend the Buttermilk Fried Chicken – all the guilt-fabulous taste of proper dirty stuff, but  with a lighter, creamier batter and served with a strong mustardy dip.

Other highlights are the simple, but effective, chilli squid and chickpea salad and the slow roast belly of pork.

In the Meantime… have an ale!

Burger Mondays dish up a whoppingly generous, juicy burger and glass of wine/pint for only £10!

The Paxton – 255, Gipsy Hill, SE27 9QY


One response to “Eating Out in SE19 – The Paxton Pub

  1. I agree this pub is good for the 30 something first child, still wants a drink, types. And that’s about all. If you are a 30 something, no child, wants to enjoy a peaceful drink, then avoid like the plague. In addition, the staff are preoccupied and outright rude, the children are loud and there are many of them, and the food was mediocre and overpriced for what it was.

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