Flavours of Portugal – A Foodie Foray to The Algarve

10 days of utter food bliss in Quarteira courtesy of M’s fabulous Mum, a couple of perfect seaside tavernas and the perfection of everything that flops out of the sea of Portugal…

Cozido – a rich stew of pig ears and trotters, blood sausage, farinheira sausage, cured ham, potatoes, carrots and cabbage…

Crab pate, with steamed fresh crab claws…

Boiled Mozambique prawns with rock salt and garlic…

amêijoas à bulhão pato – divinely sweet tiny clams steamed with white wine, broth, parsley and garlic

Lula Grelhada – grilled squid…

Rabbit stew with cumin, lemon and saffron

This is what €55 of seafood looks like OUTSIDE of London… Wright Bros. eat your heart out!

Bacalhau com natas – salt cod baked with cream

Garlic, ingredient of the GODS!

Seriously ugly (yet probably delicious) fish at Quarteira harbour market


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