The First Itinerant Epicure Supperclub

Yes, I know, I am a hundred years late on this one! However… Over winter I will be trial running a series of dinners in the hope of setting up a monthly supperclub. If you’d like more info, DM me on Twitter. Here’s the menu for the first one – will be posting images after the fact!


3 responses to “The First Itinerant Epicure Supperclub

  1. Sorry, but I am bit to far away to make last minute dinner reservations.

  2. Can’t quite believe I missed this. Are you running it again?

    • Aha – the whole thing never came to fruition as two before the actual event our kitchen ceiling collapsed! Took the charming sarf lahndan builders almost 1 1/2 months to fit a new ceiling (thus avoiding embarassing hole providing a view directly between the toilet upstairs and the oven hob). The Supper Club shall resume in January, I shall keep you posted. Supper Club – sounds very grand… More like big boozy dinner…

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