A Photo Tour of Toulouse

A brief sojourn to the South West of  the motherland, where my own weight in duck parts was consumed.

Joy for €2.50

Local plonk. Magnifique.

Divine Violet and Fig jam at Le Bon Vivre http://www.lebonvivre.com/

one of many Basque bars in Toulouse. Perfect for indulging ones love of Txistorra and cider.

Where I go when I die. Minus dancing, besuited French dandies wielding cheese knives.

Like Fisher Price stacking blocks, but much more fun.

You can buy these in shops all over France you know. Then place them in your photo for that French holiday touch.

Follow the yellow-brick, confit-strewn, haricot-beaned road to sausage and lardy stew heaven.

Lo Caçolet de Castèlnòu dArri (cassoulet)

Click for more photos of Toulouse or Castelnaudary


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