Picante Mexican Grill – Jolly Jalepenos

Yarriba yarriba!

A yellow flyer is thrust into my hand outside Victoria tube station as I trip over the fifth “Stylist” distributor and shuttle past the ninth Pret a Manger on the one road. Picante Mexican Grill it reads. A happy “Mexican Day of the Dead” skull smiles up at me, full of the promise of fresh and tasty burritos, chilli-laced tacos and and silky green guacamole. “HURRAH!” I sing – “There is a God!” And he is clearly as sick of bloody Pret as I am!

Set up in October and tucked down the tiny alley that is Greencoat Row, this delightful lunching option is in fact no more than seven minutes on foot (timed!) from Victoria tube station. A simple menu of super fresh burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salad boxes offers enough variety to satisfy the stick-insect eater or the dribbling glutton (guess which one I am…).

You can practically smell the maracas!

You pick your filling – I opted for deliciously piquant, tender and rare cubes of carne asada in a quesadilla topped with Pico de Gallo a mild sauce of tomatoes, coriander and chillies. This came with ample fresh salad, tomatoes and guacamole, filled me to bursting for a mere £5.25. My colleagues tucked into a chunky and generous 12″ burrito with ancho and chipotle shredded chicken, but there are also vegetarian options, and lighter tacos.

There are a couple of tables for sitting, but its a fab take away option, super fresh, packed with flavour and a much welcome alternative to the tired, depressing array of bland, mayonnaisey fillings and salad ingredients of Pret-a-Costabucks.


One response to “Picante Mexican Grill – Jolly Jalepenos

  1. I live for Mexican food. You need to have the “real” think in California one day.

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