A Lady at Automat American Brasserie

Bruce Willis ate here, innit.

One of the perks of my job is being able to take journalists and writers for lunch or breakfast at some of London’s loveliest eating spots, thus satisfying both my curiousity for new noshing places AND making great contacts at the same time. There’s no better way to kill two birds with one stone than over a giant plate of steaming, fluffy pancakes dripping with syrup at Dover Street’s trendy Automat.

The haunt of many a celeb, from Bruce Willis and P.Diddy to current Harry Potter darling Emma Watson, Automat has also recently been visited by yours truly and super Californian-born food and travel blogger A Lady in London. As A Lady tucked into eggs benedict seemingly “poached in kilos of butter”, I hoovered a stack of perfectly puffy pancakes and crispy, thick bacon.

Perfect for getting cosy with journalists, bloggers, loved ones, celebrities...

Free coffee refills brought a little slice of real America to otherwise stingy London, and even the healthy granola with big chunks of fresh fruit had me excited.

Prices are a tad on the “P.Diddy ate here” side and no one is on roller-skates. In fact, the breakfast attendees are firmly in the suit+tie+briefcase camp, but it would appear, that for burgers and fires at least, the stars at Automat really do come out at night.

Automat: 33 Dover Street, Mayfair London W1S 4NF | Tel: 020 7499 3033


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