Rather Fondue of Walluc Bistro

Walluc Bistro is an unassuming little place sitting on a not so attractive corner off of Shoreditch High Street with a front room barely big enough to accomodate its central rustic wooden dining table. A kitsch mix of alpine ski memorabilia, boxing gloves, random french vintage posters and mismatched furniture seemingly haemmorraged from a Tyrolean car boot sale make this one of the more random fondue places I’ve been to, but perhaps the most charming.

I came on my birthday to indulge my love for all things fromage and was not disappointed, except perhaps at the portion sizes. One can, apparently, have too much of a good thing, so Walluc spares you the indigestion by providing just enough fondue to satisfy a small child.

My merry cohorts and I, bouyed by about 4 bottles of wine before even ordering the food enjoyed a mix of fondues and raclettes, with Andy looking particularly chuffed at his array of salamis lying in wait for their shower of oozy, melted cheese.

Andy and his satisfying fromage.

A steaming Boeuf Bourgignon didn’t look necessarily appealing, but hearty and suitably rustic although it would have been nice had it been served with a vegetable of some kind, perhaps a wee potato or two?

Walluc is quirky and pleasant and perfect for a large group of friends who frankly are there to gossip, celebrate, drink too much (which we all did, in fact, I put on a rare performance that evening – something to with a yellow balloon and l’amour). The food is nothing exceptional, but the fondue is tasty and warming and served with a smile – which is not necessarily something you’d find in the Swiss Alps where I’ve been served by some real dour matronly types who look like they’d rather impale you with an colonic cleansing tube or stab you with the fondue prong than provide decent service.

There is a private room for booking as well as the main dining table, and the loo roll is kindly hung on a bicycle’s handlebars outside the loo – so be sure to grab a handful before you sit down…


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