Broadway Market and London Fields Lido

I took a trip to London Fields this weekend, up Hackney way to explore the Broadway Market and get my fix of sunshine in the park there, which boasts one of the few heated lidos in London. Whilst strolling through the charmin market, with its preponderance of double bass-playing doo-wop buskers, I managed to pack away a Damascan felafel wrap with pickles and lemon tahini, a tangy seasonal veggie curry with cumin rice and a couple of portuguese custard tarts as well as some proper cloudy apple and rasberry juice from Chegworth Farm.
All that before plunging into the cool waters of the lido for the first splash around of 2010, and very welcome it was too, if only to soothe the sunburn (yes!!!) aquired whilst snoozing under the plane-free sunny skies. More volcanic ash please Iceland, the skies over London have never been so peaceful! 

To get to London Fields, I took the 26 bus from Liverpool St to St. Joseph’s Hospice then walked down Westgate Street to the edge of the market. Or you can take the National Rail service to London Fields train station…


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