Tabbouleh – Moroccan Bulgar Wheat Salad

An old post form when I was on my “special diet” back in April 2010: Day two of the new diet, I suddenly realise I can eat Tabbouleh, something I could gorge on until kingdom come and a perfect spring dish full of zest and fresh flavours! Based on bulgar wheat and parsley, the ideal proportions are 2 parts parsley to one part bulgar, but I need sustenance and am eating this as a main dish, so I’ve upped the quantity of bulgar wheat somewhat. You can play around and see which you prefer!
To make enough for four people:
2 cups bulgar wheat (or about 200g)
one massive bunch of flat leaf parsley
one bunch of fresh mint leaves
two lemons
a lime
olive oil
3-4 spring onions
1 red onion
1 fresh red chilli
box of cherry tomatoes or 4 fat tomatoes on the brink of going soft
salt and pepper
dash of cayenne pepper
First prepare the bulgar wheat. Add two parts boiling water to one part bulgar wheat. Cover and simmer gently until the bulgar has absorbed all the water. let it rest and cool down, then fluff up with a fork, like making couscous.

Whilst the bulgar wheat is simmering, chop your parsley, mint, onions, chilli and tomatoes into tiny bits. Mix together in a bowl with the lemon and lime juice and the olive oil. Add the bulgar wheat to this mixture in a large salad bowl. Season generously. Taste, add whatever you think is missing, especially if the mixture is too dry.

Finish off with a spot of cayenne pepper. If you’re not on a wheat free diet, serve with pita bread and my garlicky hummus for a spring meze…


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